Fatso Burger

Fatso Burger is a dialogue-driven character animation about a hungry armadillo named Henry who tries to order at the drive thru. Hungry Henry doesn't realize that Fatso Burger is closed and the animatronic voice box, Fatso Filipe, is asleep and off the clock. Fatso Filipe is caught off guard but takes Henry's order anyway, later telling him they are closed. Henry becomes angry with Filipe's nonsense.

Kiddo's Balloon
Harold and The Road
Fox and Raccoon's Wedding
Randy Rabbit Rockclimbing
Pie Fox
Goth Cookies
Fatso Burger Linework

A 2D animation in a 3D world of a little boy named Kiddo who loses his balloon, which leads him on a wild chase through the park.

Linework of an additional previous scene of Fatso Burger. This video displays the character rough of Henry, who pulls up to the drive thru.

Rosheen and Steve are getting married! Join them in the forest for the lovely ceremony.  Steve get nervous right before the bride walks up, but nothing can stop this raccoon from falling head over heels. This clip depicts a limited animation style. 

Goth Cookies is an 3D animated short with paper-like rigs. It's about a girl named Cynthia trying to raise money for a trip to the amusement park during Halloween. She arrives late to her bake sale and her competitors, the princess girls, already have a great head start. As Cynthia sets up the girls mock her. However, Cynthia has just the thing to take home the cake... or cookie rather! This short was a team effort. This portion depicts the girls being distraught over their customer leaving to go to Cynthia's table.

Randy Rabbit is out rock climbing. Careful of loose rocks!

This animation displays the emotion of extreme fear.

Pipperella is stop-motion animation. A spin-off of Cinderella, Piperella is locked in her room and unable to attend the concert at The Ritz. She sneaks out and enters backstage where she is confused for the next act. But the night ends well as she wins Best in Show.

Pie Fox is a 2D animation about a Fox baking a pie. She eagerly waits for it to get done baking.

Harold and the Road is a more traditionally stylized animation about Harold the duckling who gets separated from his family as they are crossing the road. Harold has a very strange near-death experience but is safely reunited with his mother.